Your Personal Online Styling Studio 

There is beauty in everyone and everything.
My purpose is to tap into the essence of each person, and or project’s exquisiteness.
In discovering who you are and your vision, it is my No.1 mission to guide you through the process, in order to help you realize your fashionable uniqueness, while creating and producing your specific style and desired look! I look forward to contributing to the beauty that is in you.
- Roni Burks

Roni Burks has been a Fashion stylist & Image Producer for celebrities, Corporate Executives, Professional Athletes and a host of other prestigious clients for over twenty-five plus years. She is an expert in keeping up with, and being knowledgeable of current and ever changing trends, and elevating them to each individual’s preferred look and or image.
To Roni’s credit, her work has graced the Grammys, Emmys, Motion Pictures, concert arenas, sitcoms, major publications, album projects, and prestigious venues around the world.
What she realized over the years is that everyone, in the limelight or not, has a time in their lives when they need or desire to elevate their life through fashion. There is a deep yearning to show their beauty from within. (I see you)
Whether preparing you, the professional, to walk the red carpet, creating looks for photo or video shoots, ad campaigns, interviews, live performances, television broadcasts, or adding to your brand, 4 Behind The Scenes Entertainment Group is the place for you. If you are looking to elevate your own personal style for a night on the town, traveling, even preparing for a job interview, Roni Burks can provide the image for you.

WElcome to your online styling studio


Portfolio - Behind the Scenes

Many people think hiring a wardrobe stylist is out of their reach. That’s why Roni & 4 Behind The Scenes, decided to launch “Your Personal Online Styling Studio” (YPOSS) a Styling program customized exclusively for you. YPOSS provides each client a wide range of styling options that will suit their needs. It’s a simple process. So, lets begin…

1) Online Consultation
• I take a one on one personalized approach
• An online 30 minute consultation in real-time via Zoom or FaceTime.
• We'll discuss, Your Goal, Your Vision, Your Dream. The next level YOU.  

2) Establish your budget.
• Budgets are usually set per client specific need. 

3) Vision Board (Optional)
• What is a vision board?
• A vision board allows the client a sneak peak of fashion ideas that has been prepared especially for them. 
• A vision board is created by Ms. Burks, exclusively for you. It will include photos of; desired looks, i.e., clothing, shoes, accessories, colors, and even a choice of fabrics needed to complete the over all look you desire.     
• We then together review the board created, discuss the vision, pinpoint the direction, and make any modifications to complete the look you want to achieve.

4) What a difference an hour makes!
• One hour video chat.
• We will discuss new fashion ideas, some out of your closet! From that favorite piece you are not sure how to wear or accessorize, purging. Making room for something new.
• Shopping on a budget, where you can get more bang for your bucks. Setting up your closet for each season. Fashion tips and more. 

5) Personal Shopping
• Ms. Burks will shop at fashion houses, stores, boutiques, even specialty shops in order to select garment options, including shoes and accessories.
• Consider utilizing personal items in your closet if applicable
• Will schedule a fitting
• Capture before and after’s in order to show the progression. In this step we want to capture your transformation and build future looks from there.

6) VIP on Call Stylist
• Access to me when you need me.
• Stylist 911! Need to know what to wear at a moments notice.
• Outfit & purchase questions.
• Advice before you purchase and/or shopping links to what you need when you need it. I'm here for you

How it works


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Optional Services
The following services are optional, for your convinence, at an additional cost. None of the following are included in the consultation fee.

•Personal Shopping
• Online Styling
• Retained Styling
• Inspiration / Vision Board
• Closet Organization
• VIP on Call Stylist

Thank you so much!

I will be in touch very soon!

- Roni

Hear from previous clients

"Looking my best is a priority for me! I am a wife and mom of three. I am also an executive buyer, work full time, competitive body builder, and jet setter. 

I have very little time to shop and coordinate my outfits for business events, photo shoots, and trips. 

Roni keeps me on trend and most importantly keeps my brand looking consistent and edgy. 

Roni has been my go to stylist for over 5 years. She has helped me define my style and build a wardrobe that is me and that I feel great in. 

I have worked with her in person and many FaceTime sessions. 

She is the best in the industry and I look forward to working with her for many years to come!"

- Tavia Bernhardt.

"What can I say? Roni Burks has styled me for years. 

From major events, special projects, tours for me, and quite a few memorable appearances with Prince!

She's always had a knack of knowing exactly what I needed, providing me with so many awesome outfits for every moment!

From the red carpet, the stage, filming, or that special occasion, she has hooked me up!

Her gift is undeniable. 

I always know when Roni styles me, I will look awesome." 

- Sheila E.

Final Thoughts....

I’ve been blessed to style a wide range of celebrities and professionals in the entertainment, corporate, and sports industries.

I truly believe that my gift is creating a unique image that best suits each individual and or production.

Capturing your Moment.

That's what I do as an Image Producer / Fashion Expert. It brings me so much joy to create the "perfect" look you've always dreamed of.

Together we will create the unforgettable Brand that is YOU.

- Roni Burks